Functional Medicine

Why Functional Medicine?

When you’re feeling ill and visit your family physician, your symptoms are matched up with a list of textbook symptoms that determines your illness. You are given a prescription and sent on your way in hopes that it helps. But what happens if the issue returns or becomes chronic? Traditional medicine attempts to target what is wrong, whereas Functional Medicine is more interested in why it has gone wrong. We seek to find the CAUSE of the issue and treat the systems not just the symptoms of your health concern. By eliminating the cause, we thereby eliminate the symptoms.   

A simple analogy to help you understand Functional Medicine: “If you have a tack in your hand and it hurts, I can ice it, give you pain meds, massage it, do physical therapy, but the reality is you still have a tack in your hand that’s causing pain. I need to find and remove the tack – which removes the pain so you no longer require all the additional treatments to manage it.”  


What does it treat?

  •          Weight Loss
  •          High Blood Pressure
  •          Diabetes
  •          Hormonal Imbalances
  •          Sleep Disorders
  •          Depression/Anxiety
  •          Fibromyalgia
  •          Thyroid Issues
  •          Inflammation
  •          Chronic Pain

Payment Options 

We offer a Complimentary Consultation to explain Functional Medicine, discuss your individual symptoms, and let you know how she can possibly help you.

Most insurance companies view Functional Medicine as ‘elective’, however most lab work should be covered depending on your provider.