Our complete wellness program is for adults and children. Handling a wide variety of situations and illnesses, we create a full program encompassing the use of all of our programs to help you feel and be your best

Hormonal Balance

The wellness screening with hormonal balance is one of the first things we do with you to correct the imbalances in your body. Hormone troubles can make it difficult to lose weight, feel tired and fatigued with no energy, give you migraines, create irritability, give you digestive trouble and other symptoms that make life quite miserable.

Diet Counseling

Our diet counseling is not just about losing weight, but creating a well-balanced diet with all the nutrition you need to be healthy. This includes natural food based supplements that promote good health and give you the nutrients that most foods are missing. This includes getting your body through any detox necessary so you can get rid of harmful toxins and poisons that have accumulated over the years.

After being fully tested for allergies, we design an eating plan comprised of the foods that your body needs to repair itself so that over time you can get back to a healthy weight. This program also includes a full exercise regiment designed to suit your specific needs.